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Weclome to the OfficialFairyTailRPG! Where you can create your own Fairy Tail story (fanfic) and character! Have Fun!!
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 Step 1 for Newcomers!

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Azusa Kurosaki
The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
 The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
Azusa Kurosaki

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Step 1 for Newcomers! Empty
PostSubject: Step 1 for Newcomers!   Step 1 for Newcomers! EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 6:04 pm

Congratulations! You just found the Step 1 (rules) section without getting lost! Now........

WELCOME TO OUR FORUM! We really hope you register if you are new here!!
Now if it's your first time arounf here, you are probably wondering : how do things work? What to do? Etc
Well it’s very simple. First we would like you to read these rules below. It'll make you understand more about our forum ^^


- No advertising, spamming whatsoever in your posts or signatures.

- No excessive chat writting. What I mean by that is this: "L0oLz ima gonA keel u"

- No spoiler revealing. There is a reason why there is a spoiler button if you click on "others" ....

- Please do not use signatures bigger than 500px par 600.

- For pictures in posts or signatures: it would be preferable to put them in spoilers

- If you plan on putting mature content on your topic (for example: Yuri or Yaoi) put a /!\ in your title. But please note that IF you accepeted viewing a /!\ topic and are schocked by it's content, we are NOT held responsible.

- Please to not change your pseudo. It makes it hard for Staff members to recognize you!

-Everyone who wants to RP must have a character to RP with. It can either be a canon character from the real story (ex: Erza, Lucy etc..) or a new character made by yourself. You can NOT take a character from an other manga and use it in this forum (ex: Sasuke from Naruto, Ichigo from Bleach) although you CAN choose one and change their name, personality etc. To make it more personalized =)

- Ranks are given with the number of posts you have: all members start being a “useless failed noob mage” but gradually upgrade if they post frequently.
Here are the ranks:
Useless failed noob mage: 0 posts
Novice mage: 10 posts
Mage: 50 posts
Veteran mage: 200 posts
S-Class mage: 1000 posts
Saint Mage: 2000 posts
Master: 3000 posts

- You can choose to be part of any guild OR you can make up your own guild. But for those wanting to create their own guild there is a Guild Template you'll have to fill before. Go to the category "New Guilds" and complete the template.

- Minimum of 7 lines per RP posts

- No double posts

- You can be in a max of 7 RP’s at the same time.

- Maximum of 5 Dragon Slayers and 4 Fakes. We already have one fake dragon slayer so only 3 left ; )

- Please no “GODLY OVER POWERED” characters in just ain’t any fun to RP with. Althought if you want to be a bad guy it’s a whole other story ; )

- You can have more than one account here.

- Phanthom Lord is still a guild!

- If you only want some specific people to join your RP, put the names of the characters you want next to your Topic title. Ex: A mission outside (inc. Azusa and Akane)

- Don’t forget you CAN CREATE YOUR OWN TOPICS OR JOIN ANY RP’S!! Don’t be shy, have fun =)

-You must complete Step 2 and Step 3 before RPing. Step 4 is optional.
Now go to Step 2!!

- Now for those of you who are here only for the discussion and not for the RPing, it is highly recommended to start by doing Step 2 first. Step 2 is a place for the members to introduce themselves.

- There are 2 category held for discussions: Discussions about mangas! or Magnolia playground. You can post on both sections.

- Double posts are accepted but ONLY here.

Have fun!


If you want any questions or suggestions post on the Questions and suggestions category in STEP 1, or just send me or any staff member a PM and we'll reply to you as fast as we can =)

Have fun!!
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Step 1 for Newcomers!
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