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 Vlad's Explosives

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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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Vlad's Explosives Empty
PostSubject: Vlad's Explosives   Vlad's Explosives EmptySun Mar 02, 2014 7:18 am

Name of your magic: High Explosive
Range (close, long range etc): medium to long
Type: Explosive
Rank (D,C.B.A,S - D is the weakest): depends on the charge
Description: Vlad's explosives all have charges over different elements (earth, wind, water and fire) and intensity. He usually has a large stock of them available and his magic works similar to Erza's in the sense that he doesn't have to be physically carrying them to use them

Spell list
Grenades: medium range, D rank charge two can be thrown at a time but he dose not have to wait for the two to detonate

Mines: short range, C rank charge, activates with pressure including Vlad's own attacks

Seekers: long range, D rank charge, home-in on hostiles, Eight can be thrown at once but they aren't very powerful on their own

Cluster Bomb: long range, C rank charge, carried by rocket into the air once it breaks apart bombs rain down on target area, wide range but bad against single targets

Rockets: medium range, Rank B charge, flies straight, two can be used at once

Torpedo's: medium-long range Rank A charge, slight homing, high speed low maneuvering, travels three feet below terrain surface

Exploding Doppelganger: short range Rank C charge, looks like the real deal, only one can be active at a time

Man O War: long range, Rank S Charge, float around the battle field, slow moving but VERY powerful

M.O.A.B: long range, Rank S Charge, massive blast radius, used like rockets, because they take a long time to make they can only be used once a day, most powerful attack
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Vlad's Explosives
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