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 Natsu's back

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Natsu's back Empty
PostSubject: Natsu's back   Natsu's back EmptyWed Sep 05, 2012 3:26 am

It was a fine day. I was drinking (as usual). Just then Ashami Kuchiki came through the door and shouted "Natsu's Coming". Natsu, the fire dragon slayer was coming back??!! "Are u serious" I asked. "I just heard the rumour that he finished the S-Class quest and is coming back, that's all I heard I swear to the Lord." She said, real scared." Alright, u tell the guild members and I'll spread the news in the town and go and tell LUCY too. Ohhhh she'll be very happy Twisted Evil " I giggled and ran out the front door. I ran straight home, collected chart papers and colours and painted natsu and wrote down "He is COMING BACK". I Hung them at different parts of the town and saw everyone whispering. I smiled. I went home to tell Lucy. Ah, dont get the wrong meaning she is my neighbour. I reached the door which read "Mr and Mrs Dragneel". I knocked and Lucy opened the door, beautiful and elegant as usual. " He is COMING BACK" "Are u serious" " Yup I am".She started crying so I went back to the guild to give her time to absorb the news. I sat there waiting.

What do u think? Will he really Come back?
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Natsu's back
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