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 The life of an abject failure.

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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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The life of an abject failure. Empty
PostSubject: The life of an abject failure.   The life of an abject failure. EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 7:42 pm

It's a little long and I don't really know what I'm doing. Just thought I would display a bit of the character's daily routine and really drive home how much he messes up on a day to day basis. As well as leaving a jumping off point to mission prep.

The scene begins in front of a small rundown shack outside the city limits of Magnolia. The shack is made of cracked, swollen, wood. A 7 foot ceiling assures that regardless of the amount of furniture it will be cramped in that home. The single window was clearly shattered ages ago, and one can't help but wonder how a human being can possibly live there. The outside of the shanty does not prepare you for the abysmal interior at all. Inside an ancient wooden table with two broken legs leans against the wall. The splintered, rotting wood of the bed makes a home for myriad species of insects. A dresser stands in stark contrast to the rest of the decor, relatively new and bearing very little water damage. All the while a clear ringing sound can be heard coming from what would be considered the back yard. A man can be seen punching a large burlap sack that seems to have a solid square object sitting in it.

???: 397, 398, 399, 400. Whew. I think I need a new bag.

The man stands with bleeding knuckles looking at the obvious tears where a block of metal can be seen poking out of the sack. He walks to the disheveled house and leaves through the front door. He turns over an obviously plastic bush grabbing two heavy kettle bells before running off towards town. The two miles from the house to Magnolia went by in only 10 minutes, the man seemingly ignoring the weight of the bells. He walks into town seeing a group of travelers and immediately perking up.

???: Hey you! I challenge you to a test of skill!

Traveler: Umm. Do I know you?

Keiji: Keiji Inoue! 108th Strongest wizard in Fairy Tail!

Traveler: Alright, I guess I'll take my chances then. *He snickers to his friends*

He takes a step forward and launches a lightning bolt at Keiji who attempts to roll out of the way. Attempts being the operative word, as he gets burned by the arcing lightning. Keiji looks up at the sky marking down his 74th loss this week when the unthinkable happens. The traveler reaches forward and wraps his hand around the chain hanging from Keiji's neck.

Traveler: I'll just take this as a trophy. Someone this weak doesn't deserve such a nice trinket.

The following 3 seconds were a clear message to everyone watching. Don't touch the cross. Keiji swings up to his feet and kicks the traveler in the neck with the giant bone club where his foot used to be, sending him rolling into a fruit stand. After the red mist clears from his eyes, Keiji looks over at the broken traveler and the nearby townspeople watching him.

Keiji: That TOTALLY counts! YES!

Watching this spectacle was Master Makarov and Mirajane (who couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of it all).

Master: Yes, that makes the record.... 305 losses and 3 wins?

Keiji: Oh... Hello Master. I d-didn't see you standing there. And it was 4 wins thank you very much.

Keiji knows the look all too well. He'd gone to far and possibly damaged the reputation of the guild. He handed over the usual reparation money to be distributed to the merchant and his victim, noting that he wouldn't be able to afford that new window he'd had his eyes on. He bowed and mumbled an apology before dragging himself back to his miserable existence.

The next day he would go on his first mission as a full member of Fairy Tail, an honor he felt he didn't deserve. An honor almost no one felt he deserved.


Keiji awoke at the break of dawn. Performed his drills, noting that his trip to town had (like almost everything he did) been a complete failure. He'd forgotten to buy the new sack for his heavy bag and he'd left his bells sitting near the entrance to town. He performed an exercise in futility, writing down exactly how much money he needed to make to turn his hovel into a mansion worthy of a lord. Each month the total increased and the impressiveness of the dream house seemed to shrink. He headed to town without his usual energy and made his way to the guildhall.

As he entered.....
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The life of an abject failure.
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