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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Scar   Scar EmptyTue Jan 18, 2011 5:57 am

Full Name: Sorekencho Machida (Goes by Scar)
Age: 21
Guild: Ragnarok Guildmaster
Pet?: No
Likes: Power
Dislikes: Weaklings
Siblings: No
Type of Power: Shadow Magic
Special Features: Magic of controlling darkness. Shadow manipulation which brings shadows to life basically. Shadow Creation which creates creatures from shadows. Shadow Infection, which can alter a person through shadow infection into the blood. And many others.

Psychological description: Scar can sometimes be a complicated person. He is quite sincere and never lies. However, he uses words that retain loopholes. He never goes back on his word, so do not try and tell him he did or else you may find yourself in a very... deadly situation. Scar loves torture, yet he also loves a challenge. His lust for blood and combat is only matched by his lust for power. He hopes to gain control over all the guilds, the entire land. Scar believes in finding the strong and putting the weaklings out of their misery. He will only take the strongest to be in his guild. He will hold a test, one is unique to each individual that is withheld. The only people he really trusts are the Seven Mages of Ragnarok. He is often referred to as the Great Sage.

Physical description: Scar 00Rp
Scar's body is fine tuned with muscles. His face is always serious, yet also.. amused. His iris are pitch black and his body is riddled in scars. One main scar on his body is the one that goes from his lower right chest up his body all the way up the right side of his face, crossing the bridge of his nose, and ending at the right eye. His hair is dirty blonde. It is long and feathery, the bangs reaching to his eyes while the rest goes past them. He never wears a shirt and is always seen in his black pants and his black jacket. His jacket is a mix of black and red, being two of his favorite colors. Scar also wears a chain, cross pendant that goes down to below his chest.

Describe your past: Scar's history is shrouded in the shadows. No one knows where he came from, nor his true intent. He appeared in the land at the age of 18 and joined a guild. He went up the ranks in the guild and took over when the guildmaster... unexpectedly died... He then changed the name of the guild and kicked out all who were not strong enough. But those were the lucky ones. The ones that stood up against him... They are not alive to this day. The few Scar allowed to stay became his Mages of Ragnarok. There are only a few spots taken in this, but he hopes to fill in the remaining areas shortly.
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