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 Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells)

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Doo Shad
useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage
Doo Shad

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Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells) Empty
PostSubject: Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells)   Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells) EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 3:51 pm

Full Name: Shadrake Doo (The Mage of 1000 spells)
Age: 17
Guild: Fairy Tail
Pet?: N/A
Likes: Quiet places, Helping People, Sparring, Learning new spells
Dislikes: Evil things, Cruel People, Inhumane Acts, Wicked People
Siblings: Doo Dorian, Doo Den

Type of Power: Unknown. Shadrake has been seen using different spells at different times. Although his favorite form of Magic is Fire and Light. He's been seen using, Thunder, Size, Mind, and Healing Magic. His specialty is unknown to the world.

Special Features: N/A

Psychological description: Shadrake is a very quiet young man. Despite his quiet nature. He can be very shrewd when one does something that he highly dislikes. His I.Q is about 210 and his I.Q when it comes to magic, is even higher. He's normally extremely calm and rarely speaks. Unless is spoken too. He always has words of wisdom to say when its needed.

Physical description: Shadrake is a 6 foot and 5 inches tall male. He has a black low cut shadow fade afro that looks like a mini fro. He has a slim slender physic. From a far, he looks weak and fragile. But close up, He has a very built body. He has numerous battle scars all around his body. About 3-5 on his upper torso and 1 scar on his eye. His skin is a dark caramel like tone, and his eyes are light brown.

Describe your past: Shadrake grew up with his family. He was loved by all and lived a normal child hood. Shadrake would spend his days as a child playing Mage Battle with his younger brother, Dorian. Although he'd loose. It would be only because Dorian normally chose to use Physical weapon like magic, such as Sword summoning. While he would pretend to send off blast of Fire, Ice, and other elemental attacks. Dorian asked his brother why he used such spells all the time. Shadrake told his brother because one day, he'd master many spells. He'd learn 100, no..400..no..1000+ spells! Dorian grinned and made a promise to Shadrake that he to would become a strong mage. That he'd join a Mage Guild! They both pounded fist, sealing the pact they made with one another.

From that day on. Shadrake and Dorian had begun to do different type of Physical Training exercises every day. While all the other kids would play games such as Mage Battle. Shadrake and Dorian would train together. Doing such things as running miles with 50 pound boulders with ropes tied around them and holding the ropes, as they ran around with them on. They also practiced sword fighting with one another. Although Dorian seemed to be excelling in his Sword skills more. Shadrake seemed to take some what of a grasp on it. While Dorian's Physical Strength has seemed to be increasing incredibly. Shadrake showed advancement in a different way. His mental stability had began to sore through the roofs in school! He was completing all his test first and getting high scores on his final exams from 8-12 grade. Shadrake began reading different spell books when he learned to read at the age of 10. Shadrake studied day in and day out. Night after night. Hour after hour, in hope of learning new skills. His father, Den. Admired his son's passion for magic. He then agreed to teach his son how to use these spells he desperately wanted to learn. For 6 years, Shadrake's father taught Shadrake a new spell every day. Although it took him a few weeks to actually take a grasp on the spell. He was able to successfully pull the spell off over time. When Shadrake turned 17. He left his home, along with his brother, Dorian. Both going there separate paths. They seek to become stronger.
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Azusa Kurosaki
The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
 The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
Azusa Kurosaki

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Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells)   Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells) EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 8:31 pm

Accepted! (:

The only things I have to say are: 1) Please mention where is your guild mark
2) I would suggest you to maybe change your username, 'cause since you aren't using Natsu as your character it's a bit confusing.

Have fun RPing ^^

Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells) Kcyzpx

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Shadrake (The Mage of 1000 spells)
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