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Character sheet
Power Description:

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PostSubject: Belphegor   Belphegor EmptyTue Jan 11, 2011 8:27 pm

Full Name:
Ragnarok (If ever he passes scar’s test)
Guild Mark:
On his forehead.
Arana is a big 8 legged spider. Arana can create a web and when she steps on the web, she could make herself and anyone who is on her invisible during in a web. Although it takes time for Arana build her web because It is supposed to be a big web. They can only be invisible for a short period of time. Her body produces poison therefore there is a violet poison aura and Bel can eat her poison anytime when Arana is with Bel. Arana is Bels only friend.
Dark places, Girls, and Getting physically or emotionally abused.
Bright places, Men, and People that is so “kind” that they do not hurt other people.
Type of Power (ex: Transformation Magic, Celestial mage, dragon slayer, Armor etc):
Bel has the power of a Poison Dragon Slayer. He could change his fist with dragon claws surrounded by a violet poison aura. The poison that he produces from his very skin is so corrosive that it was seen disintegrating the sleeves of his black jacket upon activating his Dragon Slayer powers. Bel could eat poison from Arana for devastating attacks.
Special Features:
Bel can see 6 images at once like he has 6 eyes.

Psychological description:
Bel is not an ordinary person. He is a masochist. He loves getting hurt physically or mentally. A person like him is rare in the country. He likes woman and dislikes men. He is kind of perverted and is mysterious. You can’t tell his personality in looks but only on how he acts. He is quiet and loves to sneak on people. He doesn’t talk often and only let his actions show his expressions. He always has a gloomy face and is always sad.

Physical description:
Belphegor KHR_belphegor_by_Kitty_Anime_otaku

Describe your past (your background):
When Bel was born, He was already an orphan. In the orphan house on where he was staying, He doesn’t participate in events, doesn’t have friends, and likes bugs. One day while he was walking on the orphan house, He found a spider on a corner and took care of it. He named the spider Arana. Whenever he does anything, Arana was always with him. The other kids in the orphan house calls him weird all the time.

One day, A few men went in the orphan house and threatened the one in charge. Everyone hid except Bel. Bel was sitting on a corner and just looking at the wall with a gloomy face. A tall gray haired man stood next to him and kept saying “kid” to get Bels attention. Bel didn’t looked at the man and just looked at the wall. After a while, the man got pissed and told his men that they are gonna take Bel and lock him up and do some experiments on him. They tied Bels hands together and put him in the car. Arana was in Bels pocket that time. Bel didn’t care to what is going to happen to him next. They reached the laboratory and threw Bel in a cell and he lived there for years.
Bel was experimented with different types of experiments. They opened him up so that they could really analyze a person’s body, He was shocked a few times to see how long can people stand lightning and many more. For other people, it was considered torture but for the men who locked him up considered it experiments. Because of all the pain that he has received, he got used to it and whenever he is in pain, he loves it. That’s how he became a masochist. One day, he was sent out by the men and let him sit on a chair but he preferred to just sit on the ground. He saw one of the men has a syringe. The syringe has something inside it. They were talking about a new experiment and stuff. They injected the stuff into Bel and then Bel felt a little strange. The stuff that was injected to him was Dragon Lacrima. After days of waiting on what the result would be, Bel found out that he had powers. It wasn’t super strength or sometin but it was a Poison dragon slayers powers. He knew that because he saw one of the researches on the table of one of the men. Bel and his pet Arana which is big right now because they experimented something and then made Arana big and poisonous. His hand turned into a dragon’s claw and he saw Arana’s poison aura and he can eat it. He broke the cell with his dragon claw and walked into the room to where is the men. He killed the men with his Dragon claw and the help of Arana and then did some research on how this power works. He found out that he has various spells and that Dragon Slayer’s are rare.

Bel walked out of the building with Arana and saw a big castle which is surrounded by dark aura. He rode on Arana and traveled up to the castle. After a few days, He reached the castle and then read the information about that castle. It was a guild named Ragnarok. He would like to join there so he applied to join the guild. He is now waiting for approval from the guild master.
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 The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
Azusa Kurosaki

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Character sheet
Power Description:

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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor   Belphegor EmptyTue Jan 11, 2011 8:49 pm


You can start RP'ing now but could you write in your signature that you're also Yoshio it would be appreciated ^^

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