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 Quorra Relic

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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Quorra Relic   Quorra Relic EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 7:57 pm

Full Name:Quorra Vixenia Relic
Pet?: Serenity : A unique summon that she befriended when she was young, its origins are unknown.
Likes:Negative Emotions
Dislikes:Positive Emotions
Type of Power: Void Magic
Special Features: Void magic can be described as Aura magic that has been corrupted by darkness, just like its predecessor it can only be obtained by the loss of sight however the Mage has now gained an even greater affinity to the emotions of those around them. Feeding off of those around it to make themselves stronger,heal injuries and even to some extent control those around them.While Aura is Void, Void is not aura and an Aura user will have to give away his or her own humanity to be able to posses its powers.

Using the Emotions of others the Void Mage can drain the magic of others and use ones own magic power against them, in addition the more potent the emotion that their opponent is feeling the greater amount of Magic the Void mage can leech off of them. They have forsaken the ability to use their own Aura for weapons and instead focus their energy into spheres which when latched on to others can drain the targets very life force strengthening the Void mage even further. Void Magics have also learned how to exploit various forms of pain as not only as a way of inflicting damage but also as a self buff making them sadistic as the more pain their opponent is in the stronger they become as they feed on Fear,Hatred and Pain better than the other emotions

However their is a negative effect as well they do not absorb Love and happiness and care as well as they should have in fact it weakens them and blocks off some of their power, making it harder to leech off of others some times with no effect and their attacks become weaker and such. However the most powerful Void mages have found a way to twist positive emotions into negative ones allowing them to even control the emotions of their opponents to favor themselves.

Emotion, weak will. Depression, Death, and anything sad that has affected others will cause a Void Mage's magic to be magnified greatly. Leeching off others becomes extremely easy. Attacks would double be as strong and faster than before. Anger is a special case in that it is like a Drug to a Void Mage granting them intense power at the cost of their mental stability.

Void mages also have a corrupted version of Aura sight which in addition to granting them the ability to sense emotion and the state of another persons body, they posses the additional ability to not only see how long a person has left until they die but also judge the mental stability of others and how susceptible to manipulation they are.

The main difference between void mages and Aura mages is that instead of their vision going haywire with many people, it in fact becomes clearer as the more people around the more emotions to feed upon and therefore the stronger the Void mage. In area's with small amounts of people the bulk of the Void mages abilities are focus upon that particular group of people leading to death and making the Void mage's presence known something that Void Mages hate.

Psychological description: Quorra is what you call a functional maniac although she may appear as a normal person ,her emotions range from calm and collected at one point in time to fully enraged and malevolent all with in a matter of a few seconds. In general she is a sadistic figure who love to play mind games with others and inflict any type of torture upon her enemies.Along with this sadistic demeanor she boasts extreme cunning and is extremely charismatic able to persuade people easily by simply talking to them using her ability to manipulate others emotions to make the conversation go her way.

In addition she displays extreme affection for Serenity which is odd considering it isn't even human but then again she holds no respect for other humans as she holds extreme disgust for them due to events in her past life

Physical description:

Describe your past (your background): Quorra was born into a noble family and as such she was filthy rich. She had a lavish childhood and one would think because of that she was a stuck up,spoiled brat. However that was far from it, in actuality Quorra was a extremely nice person who warmed the hearts of anyone she came in contact with, her ability to do so eventually earned her a name around the land, and as such life was good..

However one faithful night her father passed away from a strange illness that he had acquired rendering him bedridden his body slowly becoming completely paralyzed.Even though this was a tragedy all was not lost as her mother took control of her fathers estate much to the dismay of his relatives.It was then that things started to change she would often wake up late at night to find her mother crying herself to sleep and after a few days her mother went missing leaving the eleven year old Quorra as the sole heir to her fathers fortune. However she was young..and naive and let her uncle take care of her fathers business and eventually became unneeded and was simply known as a trouble maker as she became obsessed with finding her mother not believing that she had simply disappeared. Eventually she did however finding a hidden passage in on of the gardens and seeing a half decayed human body chained to a wall and wearing her mothers robes and her necklace a gift from her father... Pain stricken from realizing that her mother had been murdered as she had used her blood to write a message on the wall giving complete and utter evidence that it was in fact her uncle who had been the murderer of not only her but Quorra's father as well

Desiring revenge Quorra went to confront her uncle who upon hearing what she found ordered her to be taken to the same dungeon where her mother had died. However instead of letting her starve to death he tortured her slowly over a period of 5 years the torture not only taking away her chastity but also her sight as one day she had bitten him and in a rage he slashed her face permanently rendering her blind. On her 13th birthday her uncle had finally grown tired of her an intended on killing her summoning a creature to do the deed so that he would not be able to be traced to her murder. However instead of killing her, the creature formed a bond with her seeing the sheer pain that she had went through during her life and freeing her both of them escaping..However her uncle couldn't accept just that and sent various assassins over the years to end her life only one of which who came back the assassin ridden with fear and claiming that what her uncle had sent him to kill was no girl, she was a demon. It was then her uncle started to fear for his life and fortified his estate with hired mercenaries fearing that his niece would come after him. He was right however she tortured him mentally by killing off the mercenaries one by one until it was only him left. The next day the authorities arrived and what they saw was a mangled body whose limbs were scattered all over the room...it was as if some savage creature had come and attacked all of those in the estate..leaving no survivors..
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 The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
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PostSubject: Re: Quorra Relic   Quorra Relic EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 6:04 pm

Accepted! love your character's personality.

You can go RP'ing now ^^

Quorra Relic Kcyzpx

We all crowd up around the whiteboard,
Making graffiti of our free wishes.
Even if the after-school bell echoes into the sunset,
You can't diss the power to dream.

Let's sing with a louder, louder, louder voice
Carry hope on your lips
Every time you release words, they'll turn into light
They're our fragments!

* No, thank you K-On
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Quorra Relic
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