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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Gungnir   Gungnir EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 6:08 pm

Name: Gungnir

Type Of Weapon: Spear/lance

Elemental Alignment: Lightning

Ability/Function: A spear of the thunder gods, or in Solis's case, the lightning gods. This spear does not give out thunder but lightning instead whenever it attacks making its attacks colored red to match the weapon itself. This spear head can slice through metal and pierce through stone while its original ability is that it can summon the rain whenever the user wishes and can also absorb and reflect any lightning/thunder based spells that come to it. Either way if the spell is thunder or lightning it would still attack with Solis's own lightning making the lightning completely Solis's and not his opponents (Works just like one of the vanish brothers frying pan). This Spear can also give out a lightning attack of its own that comes from the spear itself or from the clouds it summoned with the rain. The lightning aims straight for the opponent with its damage being somewhat like if the opponent were to be hit by a bolt of normal lightning. Although if the opponent is covered in water the damage will greatly increase. Solis does not receive damage from this spear if he were to be hit by its lightning.

Close/Long Range: Close range


History: Back in his old days when Solis was still trapped inside the basement of his parents he was left alone and forgotten. However, just like him his parents also happened to have a huge amount of special magical weapons that were one of a kind. His parents actually happened to be holder types and they had collected one special spear in particular. This weapon was a spear of the thunder god. Solis had named it Gungnir, its name means that it is a mythological spear and was said to never miss its mark and always use to kill. This weapon was the murder weapon of everyone that Solis killed and the only reason why it is red for it contains the blood of everyone that ever knew Solis. Making it somewhat of a stigma for him.
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