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 Solis Druid

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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Solis Druid   Solis Druid EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 3:00 pm

Full Name: Solis Druid


Guild:Guildless for now
Pet?: maybe a shark?

relaxing places
The Sea
Sea animals
anywhere with a good beach smell to it
any cute girl that reminds him of a sea maiden
confusing and playing with prey
seeing others suffer that aren't his allies
Noble Sacrifes

places with polluted water
running away from battles
disgusting and ugly women
when an opponent runs away from him
Cowards that run towards death

Siblings: None

Type of Power Solis's magic works by manipulation of water, Solis can manipulate any water there is even if it is his opponents and can usually summon a large amount of water at any time. This is where his title of "The Sea King" originates. In just seconds he can make a whole rooms floor filled with a body of water. Solis can control any large amounts of water (Rivers, lakes, oceans ext.) And in addition of controlling water he can also fully turn his body into water making him exactly like juvia. By manipulating water Solis can turn water into ice, steam, boiling hot water and can form water into any physical form. By grabbing water evaporation around him Solis can also make water out of nowhere, he can even turn his own mana into a solid water form. Solis can also manipulate water that have been turned into solids E.x. Ice, and can also create them at any time he wishes.

[Secondary] Celestial Mage[Secondary]
Magic: Celestial Spirits are magical beings from their own separate universe, the Celestial Spirit World. Mages, called Celestial Spirit mages, are able to summon spirits by opening their gates through the use of Keys. These Keys are separated into two classes: the more common Silver Keys and the rarer Gold Keys. Keys for Celestial Spirits are counted in Units(collectively without regard of Gold or Silver), and a Celestial Spirit Mage is noted by how many Units they have obtained.

Solis Who is King of the Sea holds the Key Aquarius. Unlike most other Celestial mages Solis does not like to grab every key he can obtain. The only Keys he will ever obtain are ones that originate from the water or the sea, even if the celestial spirit was to ask him to be their master Solis would deny them if they were not originating from the ocean (or if they possibly have lightning abilities). Therefor the only key he will ever have is Aquarius (and maybe Pisces if he is ever shown.) Aquarius is the key best suited for Solis for her nickname is "the water Bearer" and relates to a mermaid/sea maiden, making her the perfect candidate for Solis.

Special Features: Solis is capable of walking on water, breathing under it and also is not resistant to water pressure.

Psychological description: (At least 5 lines)
A man of his own agenda. Plays cruel sadistic games to satisfy own narcissistic nature. He enjoys challenging himself through forced duels. He is not that hard to get along with. He does not feel any guilt when killing someone but finds it only sheer joy to kill. He actually has overwhelming strength and is described as a "battle maniac" by anyone that ever knew him. Most of the time Solis will ignore his injuries and keep "playing" with his enemy but just because he ignores injuries does not mean he is immortal, he will still fall with if completely overpowered. Strength, power and battle is the only things that goes in his mind while in a fight but when not in a fight he can actually think like a normal human being but is more on the devious side as well. Solis enjoys to confuse his opponents during battle for his magic can have many possibilities and can have mostly any type of ability one can think. His fighting style can sometimes depend on the mood he's in for if he feels like beating the crap out of his opponent he can always hurt and fight them physically but if he isn't in the happy dangerous mood that he's mostly usually in then he would use more of a cowardly tactic and destroy his enemy's without even giving a damn who the hell they are or how strong they are. Overall he isn't that hard to get along with and can sometimes even comfort his own guild members and for the ones he cares about, he will make noble sacrifices for them. Solis happens to be skilled at mostly every weapon there is, but his best weapon is a spear that he carries around all the time with him. Spears or lances are his favorite weapon and it suites him perfectly if he were to resemble a sea king. Solis also happens to be an excellent swimmer can can nearly hold his breath up to 7 minutes or higher, thanks to all the swimming he used to do as a child.

Physical description: (At least 5 lines)
Solis Druid T83k35

Describe your past (your background): (At least 5 lines)
History: Solis as a kid loved to swim, he did it nearly every day of his life when he was young. Solis actually used to live right next to the ocean living a nice and peaceful life with his family. His friends and family though, said that he was a little unsuited to the water. His dark blue hair was much more black than the beautiful light sea, and his blood red eyes matched more of a sea of blood instead. It was weird for them having to believe he matched the ocean and his swimming habit was also very odd to them. Even on rainy days he used to still swim. Somehow he never seemed to catch a cold though. He used to get used to the cold and swim even when its dead night with pouring rain (making him somewhat similar to gray). The water always use to keep him warm, he always believed that if he were to get used to the water then no matter what the temperature is he would be comfortable as long as he didn't leave from the water, and he was right.......well only in his case that is. His favorite time to swim was at night, it was then he could meet the creatures of the sea. Solis used to swim with the humans of the sea at this time AKA dolphins. They were his number one most friendly animal on his list while the one being most awesome would be the sharks. For some reason whenever he swam with them they never attacked him even if they were to taste his blood. What made Solis so happy about this fact is that it was told before that the sharks were ruthless animals to anyone who ever crosses them and they would kill any human they see on sight. Knowing that these sharks would not kill him made Solis feel special in a way. It let him know that these animals were the ones to look after him. Not even his own parents showed as much care as these sea creatures do in Solis's eyes.

Solis was soon looked down at by everyone around him. They had already looked down at him thanks to his unusual swimming at night and his blood red eyes but now he was hanging around with sharks. How exactly could anyone trust Solis now? With the rumors saying that the sharks are killer beasts and there have been reports about sharks killing people who couldn't think Solis wasn't weird? Everything about Solis now scared everyone around him, even his own parents. Solis was now an unwanted child and was soon going to be an adoptable one soon. His parents believed him as a monster and was controlling the sharks telling them to kill everyone he hated. In the world of Fiore controlling animals wasn't impossible and his parents knew that very well. Solis actually used to come from a linage of famous elemental mages. Mainly most of them were dark heartened and used dark magic. Which is where his last name "Druid" comes in. Solis controlling the sharks was indeed an option, however it was not the right one. Even so Solis's parents believed that option was the correct one and decided to handle this matter right away. The reason why Solis's parents were not mages themselves is for that they had tried to seal off their own magic in the past. They tried to use a sealing enchantment to take off their powers and their child's if they were to ever have one. Everyday they lived without magic but they had always knew one thing, that the seal was not fully complete for the parents had not performed it right. They knew one day their child would contain magic inside himself and would go berserk with it. It was his blood red eyes that mostly gave it away.

For months Solis was locked under a basement with a magical barrier around it. It was Solis's parents who had kept him stuck under a basement for months, they had tried to use everything they could find to seal away Solis's magic. Sadly, even after months of trying there was no hope for him. The best thing they could do was to keep him locked up inside that basement so that his powers would never come to him, or at least....they had hoped so. The only reason why they did think that keeping him inside that basement was for that soon after reports about sharks killing had lowered and wonders about Solis's disappearance have been lowered. It was obvious that no one cared about Solis and that people were actually happy that he left, but the only thing Solis did though, was accept this fact. But even so, even if Solis did accept this fact it still did not change the fact that he wanted to leave this terrible dungeon they called a basement. It wasn't hard escaping from there after his parents had nearly forgotten about him. It had been nearly around one to two weeks until Solis's parents had visited him. With no surveillance around Solis was capable of escaping freely and easily as long as no one had disturbed him. With Solis out of shackles he was finally free. However Solis wanted to finish something first before he had left his home. Solis wanted revenge. Receiving his revenge was actually quite simple now for his parents had done something very stupid without realizing it. While all that time keeping Solis locked up in that basement his anger had risen silently and with it rose his magical power as well. With Solis's magic activated and no one to stop him he could easily destroy everything he wanted to with his own bare hands. Within a night Solis killed everyone he knew with his overwhelming magic. Everybody he knew had died by his hands and was simply no match for him. The sea that Solis once swam in was now filled with the blood of everyone he knew. With this event this is the time when Solis called himself "King of the Blood red sea"

Rumors about the king of the blood red sea had spread after the murder of his family. At that night the water had turned red as if everyone that Solis had killed were murdered in the water. This was still a disgrace for Solis however, Solis hated pollution in the water and blood in it was no exception. Of coarse Solis got rid of it easily though with his magic but he realized he couldn't control the whole sea. Solis was still young and couldn't fully takeover the sea just yet. He got rid of the blood easy but he heard rumors about a sea maiden that apparently was stronger than him when it came down to water. Solis could not believe this fact. A women holding more power than Solis when in terms of water? IMPOSSIBLE! Solis's Alias was King of the blood red sea for a reason, he could not be king if there was rumor that a women was stronger than he was. Over all the reason why this rumor was so unbelievable was that this water maiden called "The Water Bearer" was in fact a mermaid. This world might be the world of Fiore where cats and snakes can fly but certainly there would not be any mermaids. Suspicious and anxious to find answers Solis waited no longer to grab all of the information about this water maiden he could grab his hands on.

Solis raveled from town to town,village to village, castle to castle just to find out everything about this water maiden. It was not long until Solis reached the path that had answered all of his questions. Although this quest was indeed a confusing one. There were rumors about a sea maiden who happened to be a mermaid, but at the same time she could never be found at any sea. Obviously if she was a mermaid she would of had to live in the sea but no rumor contained information about her ever being in the sea! It was only told that this sea maiden was always hanging around with this certain person and would only she up as long as that person was there as well. Why would a mermaid hang around with a lowly human on land floor if she could easily go back to the sea where she is surrounded by her sea animal friends? Something was odd about this person and Solis wanted to find out what it was that made the mermaid stay by her side all the time. Maybe it was the fact that we're both women? No, couldn't be possible just to rely on that information. It was too unreliable and not enough to believe it. There must of been something that kept that mermaid in contact with the mermaid but what?

After years of travel and searching Solis had finally found the answer to this questions. It turned out that the mermaid just happened to be a celestial spirit that can only be summoned by celestial mages. It was said that celestial spirits could go to whoever they want or could be taken after their original master had died. Aquarius was a must have for Solis. It suited him so well with the title of the Sea King. Solis didn't care who he had to kill as long as he could get that key. Nothing was going to stop him from this murder, absolutely nothing. With close surveillance and close inspections on the girl he figured out everything she had to do with celestial spirits. The girl contained 2 golden keys, Aquarius and Scorpio. The two love couple that had worked together with their master no matter what the conditions are. With having all the information he needed to know about her Solis in the next day hunted her down and fought her. Even though Solis was hunting her and was going to kill her he still wanted to give her a fair fight so even though Solis would do anything to grab that key Aquarius he wouldn't go as far as to surprise attack her or use any cowardly tactics. When the girl summoned Aquarius by using his own water magic Solis saw Aquarius as one of the most beautiful things he ever saw. Everything about her reminded him about the beauty of the ocean and he was greatly disgusted when she was dating something as horrid as a scorpion. Solis did not accept this fact and was going to break this love couple.

With a full fledged fight between the celestial mage and Solis that had lasted on for half an hour or so Solis had won in the end with little hardships but still killed the girl just for her keys. Within seconds Solis had already accepted the first offer that Aquarius gave him and made a contract with her ASAP. However when it was Scorpio's turn Solis had denied him ownership and gave Scorpio a surprise attack by stabbing him with his spear. Scorpio was bleeding and on the floor with no master at all, there was no where for him to go and was going to die there after Solis raised his spear and was going to give him the finishing blow. Aquarius however, without Solis even summoning her she came out of her key and defended for Scorpio. She demanded that Solis were to release her from her contract or else she would of done the same thing as Leo with Lucy and stayed in their world until he does so. Aquarius told Scorpio to run away but before she even faced him Aquarius had a spear that pierced right through her heart. Solis was not the type to be friends and all nice-like with his spirits but instead was just using them as tools and pets. A pet that Disobeys its master must be punished is what Solis had said at the time and his number one rule for celestial spirits. Aquarius went back to the spirit world while at the time Scorpio was able to escape from Solis thanks to Aquariuses diversion. Solis now has a relationship ship with Aquarius that makes him the boss of her no matter what. Aquarius was like Aries when facing Solis and lost all her will power to fight against her master on that day.
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Solis Druid
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