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 Kazuki Shikmori

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Kazuki Shikimori
Novice Mage
Novice Mage
Kazuki Shikimori

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PostSubject: Kazuki Shikmori   Kazuki Shikmori EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 2:18 pm

Full Name: Kazuki Shikimori
Age: 16
Guild: Guildless
Pet?: None
Siblings: None
Type of Power: Aura Magic
Special Features: Aura Magic, or as some people call it as Chi, is a type of magic concerning the use of life force as a weapon. It can be used to inflict pain, heal, and read emotions. Aura Magic can only be achieved by losing the sense of sight. By losing their sight, they become more open to their other senses and their surroundings, becoming closer to that of their aura. It takes strong will to achieve the sight of Aura, and so only those that truly desire the power would have even a chance to gain the magic of aura. One must be completely close to their spirit, to the emotions of others. Otherwise they would not be able to gain the magic of aura, for they would not have the true will for it.

One can concentrate and form their aura into a weapon, or use their aura to heal wounds, as well as use another person's aura to heal their wounds or use it against them, those this usually is a contact type when using another's aura. By concentrating and condensing their aura, a person can cause their aura to take shape through the magic of their aura. Forming an Aura Sword through magic, or a shield of aura. However, only one object can be made at a time through aura, as soon as that object disappears, another can be made through the aura. Some objects may last awhile without dispersing, while others can only last for an instance. The amount of damage that is caused on the object of Aura can also cause it to be depleted, even broken through, quicker than it normally would.

Emotion, strong will. Happiness, love, care can cause one's aura magic to become more powerful. As in faster healing, stronger condensing, more powerful readings, and taking in motion quicker. When one's will is strong, they have a stronger sense to fight, to protect. In some cases Anger can be a strength to emotion as well. Which can be put under the will to protect. But it does not make it as strong as it would be under happiness, love, and care.

Emotion, weak will. Depression, Death, and anything sad. The weaker the will of the Aura Mage can cause their magic to be incomplete. Healing would take a long time, or would just have no effect. Attacks wouldn't be as strong so the power behind them are weaker and also causes them to be slower. In some cases, Anger is a weakness. For Anger of the loss or betrayel can cause one's will to weaken.

: Losing his eyesight allowed Kazuki to bind with aura and gain Aura Sight. At the lost of his normal human sight, he gained the Aura Sight which allows him a type of visual. Aura Sight is a gift that Aura Mages receive upon becoming an Aura Mage.

For the loss of their sight, they gain the sight to read emotions a person's emotions, being able to tell the state of someone's body. Examples of emotion is for if they are lieing or if something is bothering them. It can be really useful, however, a drawback is that when inexperienced, like Kazuki, Aura Sight makes it hard to concentrate one specific emotions or aura when there is a group of over eight people.

Aura Sight also gives the person a complete 360 degree view of their surrounds. As if encased in a dome. The range of this dome of sight depends on the person's skill with Aura Sight. For Kazuki, he can see up to fifty feet out in every direction and can focus on up to a group of fifteen. More than fifteen causes his readings to go haywire.

Psychological description: Kazuki is usually always calm, even in the face of death. He is forever planning and so he is quick to think on his feet. He cares alot about people who can't stand up for themselves and get messed with because they are weak. He is not afraid to stand up against anyone if it means protecting someone.

He loves to be in areas sucluded from large groups of people. It helps because his senses doesn't get over flood with aura. He does not like being in areas with large amounts of people. He doesn't mind a few people, but tends to avoid cities and towns, mainly staying around villages or forests.

Kazuki doesn't easily trust people, but will help people out when asked. He absolutely loves animals and has a strong sense of justice. He will continue to fight even when things seem hopeless. However, Kazuki doesn't like to get too close to someone for fear of losing them.

Physical description: Kazuki Shikmori Alvisswall1ut7

Describe your past: Kazuki grew up in a normal family, except for the fact his dad was a Wind Mage. His dad's best friend was a compulsive Fire Mage. They often did missions for their guild together, but when Kazuki turned eight, his father decided to quit and raise his family along side his wife.

His father's friend was obsessed with becoming stronger. Kazuki's father had always beaten him in every fight they had ever been in. The man over time began to loathe Kazuki's father, but especially Kazuki for he was why his father quit and left his friend to fight on his own. The man had never gotten his revenge fight on Kazuki's father and it was tearing him apart.

When Kazuki reached the age of eleven, he awoke one morning tied up in a dark room. A man in black sometimes came in to give him food and water, but just left him there alone for the most part. Kazuki spent days inside of the dark room, not knowing where he was, what was around him. Kazuki was left completely in the dark, worrying about his family and what would happen to him.

After a month of being locked up, the man opened up the door to the room and Kazuki had to shield his eyes from the light. The man picked Kazuki up and walked him to a window. It looked as if they were in a cottage.

When his eyes finally focused, he saw outside of the window his mom and dad. Kazuki cried out to them and they tried coming toward. Though, they stopped as a familiar voice threatened to kill Kazuki if they took one step closer. It was Kazuki's father's friend. The man explained his demands in return for the child. A fight to the death. Kazuki's father had accepted.

Kazuki was kept tied up in the cottage, watching as the fight insued outside of the building. His mother stood on the opposite side of the area. It seemed like hours as the two mages exchanged blows, but over time Kazuki's father was gaining the advantage. In fear of losing to his rival again, the man grabbed Kazuki's mother and put her in the way of his father's final blow. A condensed, spinning drill wind punch. The punch connected straight into his mother's head, ripping her head apart, blood, brain, bone, flying everywhere.

Kazuki and his father yelled out from her death. Taking advantage of the shock, the man sent out a wall of fire at Kazuki's father, catching him square in the chest. The fire expanded as it slammed Kazuki's father into the cottage. The fire spread onto the cottage. The blow against the cottage and knocked Kazuki's father unconscious. The body of his father lay just a few feet from him. The body was burning and there was nothing Kazuki could do but cry.

The fire spread and began to burn the ropes Kazuki was tied with. When the ropes finally broke, Kazuki stood up. He quickly ran for the door. As soon as he got to it and opened it, a beam on the ceiling fell and caused a burst of flames to shoot up. The flames caught Kazuki in the face. Kazuki couldn't see and was in immense pain, but he managed to get out of the burning building before it collapsed. Collapsing on the ground, Kazuki passed out.

Kazuki awoke to the sounds of screams. He tried to open his eyes, but seemed to be unable to. It took him a few moments to realize that his sight was gone. His body ached and burned, but he forced himself to get up. He could see a faint light in the edge of his vision, so he wasn't sure if he was blind. Kazuki willed himself on toward the screaming. He remembered the cottage as a place him, his parents, and their friends would sometimes stay. He remembered the trail and did his best to stay on it.

The screams grew louder and louder. Though, when Kazuki felt a burst of heat, the screams were faint cries of help and pain. Kazuki knew what was happening the village was on fire. He heard the laugh of his parent's murderer and knew he was responsible.

Crying out in anger, depression, and revenge, Kazuki ran into the village. The light seemed to grow brighter from what he could see. When things were white in his vision, he couldn't see anything but a blank space. He knew not where he was, until he ran into the town statue.

"So you survived did you?" said the voice of his father's murderer from behind. Kazuki turned to face the direction, hatred burning inside him. Tetsu could make out a dim, dark red blur ahead of him. "WHY!?!? HE WAS YOUR FRIEND!?!?!" Kazuki yelled at the man. The man merely chuckled then walked away. "You are dead anyways. To complete my revenge, I shall leave you to die. Starvation, wolves, it does not matter to me. As long as the son of my enemy suffers like I have for so many years," said the man.

Kazuki tried running after him, but the man was gone along with the dim red shape. When Kazuki stopped, pain suddenly hit him hard. He could feel the death around him. The life forces extinguishing from the dying people. The pain was so immense it cast Kazuki back into unconsciousness.

Kazuki awoke again. He was not sure what time it was, or what day. The only thing though that caught his attention, was the glow in his sight. He could see a light blue, humanaoid shape on the ground. Kazuki got to his feet, and so did the figure. After a few movements, Kazuki realized he was seeing himself as a blue shape.

Confused, grief ridden, angry, Kazuki stayed in that exact spot. He would cry, scream, pound the ground. He did that for hours. When he finally couldn't cry anymore, his tears gone, nor yell, for his voice was hoarse, he focused on the aura he saw. He could see things with a white outline, shapes of objects. The area was lifeless and he could only see ten feet around himself. He could see into the ground, the creatures sturring beneath.

Kazuki lived with his new sight for a few years. He learned about it, survived thanks to it. He found things to eat in the wild, rivers nearby. Over time the range of his sight grew. And he started to learn of what he had been gifted with. The magic of Aura.

Spending the rest of his life training in his magic, helping out here and there with trouble where he could, and searching for a specific person. Kazuki grew up the rest of his life in the wild, rarely staying in villages, and even more rarely going to towns. Tetsu would not stop looking for the man who killed everything and everyone he ever cared about. He would get stronger and exact his own revenge on the man that took everything from him.
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 The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuki Shikmori   Kazuki Shikmori EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 4:56 pm

Accepted love your background it's really original ^^
But you forgot (or maybe diden't think about it) to tell us where is your guild mark. That's the only complain I have..
Sorry!! forgot you were guildless!! don't worry it's ok (:

You can start RPing now, have fun!

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Kazuki Shikmori
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