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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Savaris    Savaris  EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 11:06 am

Full Name: Savaris luckens
Age: 19
Guild: Grimoire Heart

Pet?: Fenrir, related to Maugrim. (thinking about swapping their names)

Likes: playing with pray, battles and being on the winning side

Dislikes: nosy people, low class food, ugly looking and weak monsters

Siblings: None

Type of Power:
[Primary] -Fumes magic- [Primary]
Savaris's magic works by fumes, these fumes allows him to create deadly fire-based explosions at will with simple hand motions by fusing certain fumes together. Savaris's explosions do not have any effect on him whatsoever no matter how strong the explosions are. He uses this as an advantage to gain speed for himself by concentrating the explosions right next to his feet or body. Thanks to the force created by the explosion Savaris can easily gain speed by this. Thanks to that this can also make Savaris have a lot of durability and can usually protect himself from other physical attacks as well. He can also put the explosions into his hands giving it quite the powerful punch. Sense this magic uses fumes in the first place Savaris decided to keep this a secret and would usually tell his opponents that his magic is both explosive magic and destructive magic at the same time making it somewhat a mixture of Azuma's magic and Gildarts just to fool his opponents. The fumes that Savaris uses are unsealable and unnoticeable by the opponent. It is Savaris's magic that makes tthe fumes go together and com-bust. So basically to sum it down Savaris uses fumes that he makes with his magic and he later fuses the fumes together to make an explosion, and that explosion occurs where ever the fumes are.

[secondary] FAKE fumes Dragon slayer [secondary]
Savaris is a user of fumes magic, which allows him to control and make fumes appear out of his body. The true basis for Savaris's magic is fumes Dragon Slayer Magic, giving him the power and characteristics of a fume Dragon, and he can eat fumes to heal himself.Savaris actually happens to be a fake dragon slayer that eats mainly all sorts of fumes for it is his main element. A fake dragon slayer is a Dragon Slayers who has had Dragon Lacrima implanted into their bodies, this dragon lacrima was given to Savaris by his guild master. Fake dragon slayers are different from normal dragon slayers for they must go into their "dragon force" mode before using any of his dragon slayer powers meaning that he cant do his dragon's breath or any other dragon skill in his normal stage. Savaris can eat all sorts of fumes, e.x. smoke, steam, perfumes, mainly nearly every other gas there is except for air and poisonous mists. When in dragon force mode he's fumes are see able to his opponents making his opponents see how powerful and dangerous his magic is. Savaris is also capable of making perfume magic as well with this but this perfume magic can also be acquired in his first primary magic. When in his Dragon force mode his hands automatically turn into dragon scaled claws and a little of the dragon scales are on his face. When first appearing in this mode his body is filled with the fumes of ashes. These ashes are so thick that most physical attacks wont be able to get past through it and even sometimes non-solid magic also wont be able to get through it as well.

Special Features: Enhanced sight. Like how Cobra has enhanced hearing thanks to his fake dragon slayer magic and has the catch line "I can hear you" Savaris also has enhanced sight thanks to his fake DS magic of his and has the same catch line "I can see you." This enhanced sight is quite powerful and Savaris can use this in multiple situations and fights eventually making it a reliable source of fighting soon after.Savaris has the ability to look at a person's very soul, allowing him to tell if they were scared, what they were going to do next, Seeing the future move of weapons or attacks and can even see his opponents magic power. A running gag for this is that Savaris always teases women who's 3 sizes and acts like a bully to them if it happens to be quite small.

Psychological description: Savaris is a man of his own agenda. He likes to play cruel and sadistic games with people to satisfy his narcissistic nature. He enjoys challenging himself through forced duels. He is not that hard to get along with and is pretty loyal to his guild. He will defend His guild if only the guild master asks him to and he is on good terms with them. He does not feel any guilt when killing someone but finds it only sheer joy to kill, he does not care if he joins the strongest guild or not but only cares if he becomes stronger himself and he will always be loyal to his guild as long as they can give him power, and so far grimoire heart is doing just that by giving him the dragon lacrima. If he see's someone boasting about them being in the strongest guild thanks to him he will walk up to him and set him straight by saying that just because they joined the strongest guild does not mean anything and that they must be the strongest themselves, since Savaris is always looking for stronger opponents.

Savaris actually has overwhelming strength and is described as a "battle maniac" by anyone that ever knew him or is inside his guild. Most of the time Savaris will ignore his injuries and keep "playing" with his enemy but just because he ignores injuries does not mean he is immortal, he will still fall with if completely overpowered. Strength, power and battle is the only things that goes in his mind while in a fight but when not in a fight Savaris can actually think like a normal human being but is more on the devious side as well.

Physical description: Savaris  195706

Describe your past (your background): Savaris was born in a small and little village which didn't contain atl east over 500 families, it was a very small village indeed. Savaris was actually a very popular kid back when he was young and was friends with nearly everybody he met, well that was a boy his age at least. He was young so the thought of "cooties" was only normal for a young kid his age. But even so there were some girls he used to blush too a lot, he made a somewhat "cute" relations with girls when he was still young and actually made good friends with them as he got older. Unlike most mages that have a dark past about their village being destroyed and looking for revenge Savaris lived a pretty happy and normal life compared to them, yet still boring. Same old routine day after day, who wouldn't get bored of this? Even though Savaris was young he still had the thoughts of an adult mind. When he saw his friends bullying and killing some ants Savaris did not join them in this cruel act. Normally whenever a person would not kill an ant after seeing a boy do it in front of their eyes they would go to that boy and make them stop because they would feel pity for the ants and would try to leave them alone. Savaris's expression was not of pity however, the thing that Savaris thought when he saw his friends killing those little tiny and helpless ants he thought "crushing them with your finger" "stepping on them with your feet" "burning them with a magnifying glass" "watching them die with just a finger and a whim" "......what a relief i wasn't born like that" "It's such a relief that i was born as one of the strong ones" "I'd never want to be on the side that gets killed." Savaris asked himself on why his friends were even picking on the ants, "They pick on the weak to feel strong" ofcoarse killing ants with little effort was no fun at all for it was too easy, but what if things were harder? Thats when Savaris out of nowhere attacked his friends and started a fight with them. Amazingly in the end Savaris won even though it was one verses three. After he saw their defeated faces on the floor he started to make somewhat of an evil smile while spreading his arms apart from each other looking up at the sky with evil laughter "Of coarse! Everybody picks on the weak to feel Strong" Savaris answered his own question about why people killed ants and he just proved his own fact right. Savaris felt powerful at that moment, thinking of how joyful it was picking on the weak to show everyone that he was strong, all the more fun it was when they gave him a challenge as well. This is when the kids of the village started to get suspicious about Savaris as he always used to walk the streets with a grin asking for a fight now.

People now wanted to get rid of Savaris for this little twisted event that had just happened recently and they wanted to get rid of him fast. Even his own parents were scared of him after they saw the bleeding faces of the three boys that Savaris went up against. It was a little massacre that spread through out the village FAST. Word got out quick and so did Savaris. The townspeople thought of a way to get rid of Savaris and made sure it was a way to make sure Savaris didn't find out that they were trying to get rid of him. In Savaris's mind he still thought of all the townspeople as his friends trying to run away from the reality of thinking and knowing they were trying to kill and get rid of him. The way to get rid of Savaris is to send him on an mission that's certain to kill him, well this is the thought that went through the townspeople's minds. There was this mission where it was stated that a monster-like creature was near the town but in truth no one ever saw it. The townspeople only hear the howls of this monster during the night and whenever the someone ever tried to investigate this no one would ever return alive. This seemed to be a perfect opportunity to get rid of Savaris but of coarse his parents were against it. Savaris's parents tried to secretly defend for him but the townspeople would not listen. Savaris's mother was a stubborn women and would not loose in any arguments. Her will to keep Savaris and train him properly was strong, it was stronger than any normal mothers even. After the townspeople decided to give Savaris this mission, Savaris's mother stood in their way not allowing them to harm her child. The townspeople were angry at this and was really annoyed by the father as well. Savaris's parents would not give up without a fight, and ironically that's exactly what the townspeople gave them. Savaris's parents were sure to save him and therefore the townspeople needed to keep them quite. They took care of Savaris's parents by trying them up and hiding them making sure they don't ever see Savaris again. The townspeople did not actually want to hurt Savaris's parents but they had no choice. After four days of their disappearance Savaris started to wonder. The townspeople told Savaris that his parents were the victims of the monster that stalked the village. They told Savaris that it was still possible for him to retrieve his parents by going to that monster and fighting it alone. Normally any kid would go on this journey to grab his parents back from the beast, even if it did mean death. Now Savaris was on his way to kill this beast and retrieve his parents.

Savaris's mission begins, Savaris is of no older than 15 and has set out on his own to find a beast so powerful and terrifying it would have full grown adults twice his age and size quiver in fear. Finding this beast was not easy and the only clue's Savaris ever has are the terrifying howls of this beast late at night. Two months left alone in the wilderness, Savaris has had to survive on his own, killing his own prey, hunting for food and defending for himself from predators. Savaris has now gained surving skills on his own and was capable of fighting nearly any animal that walked in front of his face. Savaris's tracking skills were also starting to develop afterwords and this came in quite handy. The monster was not far from Savaris anymore and Savaris was able to track it down now so it was not starting to pose much of a threat. When Savaris thought that it was actually possible for him to find that beast it turned out that the beast had found him instead. The beast had no face yet it had a wolf like body. It was breathing out smoke and red lined symbols was covering in its body. Its head was covered with a mask containing no eyes or at least the eyes were hidden somewhere underneath that mask. It seems as though that the smoke that it breathed out had covered its body in that dark black color. It surprisingly had a wolf-like form, well maybe it shouldn't be so surprising for its howls were ones like a wolf but only more terrifying. It somehow looked demonic though. Savaris held a stone made dagger in his hand which he designed for hunting all those other animals and was about ready to attack, But for some reason Savaris just couldn't harm the beast for it might of been the cause of Savaris being too terrified of it. Plenty of things was running through Savaris's head at the time "Why is it looking at me with pity?" "Why won't it attack me" "Did it really take my parents lives?" This soon got Savaris annoyed as hell. It did nothing but just stand there even though Savaris had a knife in his hand threatening to kill it. At this point anger got to Savaris and now he was about to face the consequences of going into battle with an angered mind. "STOP MOCKING ME!" Savaris charged and attacked the beast blindly and payed severely for this.Savaris received major but not death threatening injuries from the beast. Its power was enough to knock Savaris down onto the floor with just one blow and this was done in merely a second. Even Savaris had no clue on how the hell the beast did this. As Savaris was already on the floor defeated he thought back at the incident he had with his friends. Savaris looked up to the wolf-like beast and thought of himself as an ant. The beast looking down at Savaris and Savaris looking up at it like an ant, he was sure that he was going to kill him that instant, why? Simply to make itself feel strong. It was what his friends did with the ants so isn't it exactly the same even in this condition? Savaris looked down at the floor thinking himself as weak and about to die facing reality whether he liked it or not. As Savaris was about to accept death, the wolf had just went passed Savaris ignoring him making it look like Savaris wasn't worth the kill. Anger, hatred, despair, all of these types of emotions was going through Savaris at this point. Not being worth the kill was almost disgraceful to himself and demanded that the beast should kill him. " What? AM I NOT WORTH KILLING" Savaris raised his fist and put on a angered and determined face yet somewhat pitiful. "STOP MAKING A FOOL OUT OF ME AND KILL ME ALREADY DAMMIT!!" There was an awkward silence in the atmosphere that made nearly the whole world pause in Savaris's eyes. "Those that seek death are nothing but idiots in the end" There was a old yet wise voice that came from the back of Savaris. It was an old man that had seemed to be intelligent at a high level. "If you honestly want to die then you may stay like that and bleed to death. If not then come with me" Who was this man? why did he offer Savaris salvation? Even though this was a complete stranger Savaris still saw something in him, something that could get Savaris stronger. "I can give you power you crave for, But it will come with a price" Surprisingly this man knew of what Savaris was thinking. Ignoring all the consequences of going to seek help from a stranger Savaris sill went with this mysterious man for it somehow seemed that he has had control over this wild beast Savaris was fighting.

This man looked deadly and dangerous to Savaris. He was one weird man who had taken the beast that nearly killed Savaris as a pet. During around the time Savaris had spent his time with this mysterious old man Savaris was starting to think about his own hometown. He wondered if the people had missed him and what was the actual truth about his parents. Even though Savaris was strong physically, he was not strong mentally. The thing that was always in his head whenever he see's a persons face is what that person was thinking about Savaris. Savaris in truth just wanted to read faces, he wanted to tell if people were lying to him or not, or if they hiding things from them. He always use to repeat the same words over and over again " I want to see" " I want to see" " I want to see" This was Savaris's biggest problem when it came to mental health. The old man that took Savaris listened to his cry for strength and offered him power. The old man told Savaris that he was about to undergo a painful and possibly life threatening surgery. This surgery was the surgery to give Savaris his fake dragon slayer powers. Of coarse the man never told Savaris that this was for extra power for Savaris's plea was to only see others hearts. With this dragon lacrima planted inside Savaris then his sight will be far advanced exactly like Cobra's "hearing." This surgery was not easy at all. The pain that Savaris obtained was as if Savaris had entered the deepest depths of hell. This implantation took exactly six hours to do and for six hours straight Savaris had to go through this pain WITHOUT any pain relief whatsoever. If there was anything worse then hell, then that was it. After the surgery had ended Savaris was unconscious for fifteen says straight. Yet for some reason during his long sleep that beast that nearly killed Savaris was always next to him, keeping him warm just for his protection. As Savaris woke up the man was sitting next to him with the beast asleep from his side " Odd, Fenrir has never accepted anyone before and it seems your the first" As Savaris looked up at the man with the utmost curious face he noticed Fenrir right beside him "Fenrir? Is it this wolf's name? Savaris did not stop looking at the beast for it somewhat seemed peaceful now. " Yeah, named him myself. It's a long story on how i found him though" Savaris repeated Fenrir's name while whispering it to himself. " WHAT! what about that operation you did? And what happened to my family?" Savaris eyes looked worried as he was asking for his families safety. " The operation was a success. As for your parents.... The old man took a pause and went on a little hiatus. "Why don't you take a look for yourself Savaris was confused by this mans words as it all seemed so mysterious to him. " Come with me, I'll show you were your parents originally are" The man got up and walked out. Savaris still couldn't walk properly so the wolf-like beast offered him a ride. As they walked on for around nearly an hour the old man took Savaris to a mountain point. Savaris was full of questions but the old man would not listen to them. From the top of the mountain the man pointed downwards and onto a village. The village was practically unsealable thanks to the range of the mountain. Can you see that? Savaris looked down and even though it was nearly over one hundred kilometers away Savaris was still able to see it clearly. Savaris has now achieved his enhanced eyesight thanks to that dragon lacrima planted inside him. Savaris looked down on the village and saw his parents inside of it smiling. His mother was holding a baby and the parents looked more happy then ever before. "What is this?" Savaris was confused. Why was his mother holding another child? why were they completely safe even though he never got to kill the beast? Exactly who did that baby belong to? "Look closer" The man looked wise and also looked like he knew about what was happening even though it would of been impossible for him to see. Savaris focused on his parents mouths now, his eyesight was so advaned that even though from one hundred kilometers away he was still able to read lips even from that distance. Savaris's hair was now covering his eyes. His eyes were covered in the shadows of his hair and was surely disappointed. It turned out that the little baby happened to be his new brother. It was shown that his parents wanted to get rid of Savaris and had already found a replacement. Savaris was confused and didn't know what to do. He went on his knees and over a hundred things were going through his head. "Their not your parents anymore" The man had started to speak again but only with a more convincing voice. " They don't want you, they don't need you, they wanted to get rid of you, they disband you" Savaris could not believe what this man was saying. Everything was a lie to him "LIAR!! MY PARENTS WOULD NEVER TY TO GET RID OF ME!" tears started to come out of Savaris as he couldn't even think straight. " That's exactly why they aren't your parents. A true parent would never try to get rid of their child. They're nothing more but stranger's to you now" Savaris had started to believe in this mans words now. It was overly convincing now and Savaris decided to believe every word of it. What should I do? Savaris's voice was pretty low thanks to the new news he had just received. "We must still test out your new magic, and it looks like that village the perfect candidate." The man was giving evil thoughts now and was starting to pass them onto Savaris. Savaris now gave a grin and was thinking about the deaths and the unwanted and unneeded people of his village. Savaris's dark Aurora rose and you could now see the evil taken over him. He gave a huge smiling grin. He had agreed on trying out his new powers in his hometown and couldn't wait to use them.

Savaris's heart was black. The knowledge of knowing that his family had wanted to get rid of him and already replaced him had got to him. The pain that he had felt from the operation was no more. Anger got through to him and relieved him of his pain. Anger isn't easy to beat and can get the best out of you. It made Savaris want to test his abilities more and more. There was nothing in his way from destroying all he knew. Nothing in this village was going to survive in the aftermath in Savaris's anger. Savaris went to the village accompanied by Fenrir. Savaris was playing a trick on the townspeople, in Savaris's hands there seemed to be a dead beast. It seemed to be that Fenrir had died by the hands of Savaris in the eyes of the townspeople. Everybody was in shock, not by the fact that Savaris had returned but by the fact that he actually managed to kill the beast. No one believed their eyes. Everyone was shaking, they were all trembling by the presence of Savaris. The village leader who was actually the one to give Savaris the mission to kill the beast stood up and approached Savaris. He was of coarse nervous but what else was there to do? He looked at Savaris who was seemed to be covered in blood and frighteningly seemed to have a horrible grin on his face. The man was frozen. He couldn't speak a word to Savaris, his lips wouldn't even move thanks to the fright he had received. Out of nowhere the mans son started to scream out Savaris's name. "HEEEEEEY! SAAAAAAAVVVVYYY" The boy turned out to be one of Savaris's best friends while they were together and even though Savaris was out of the village for over a month the boy still remembered him. He was so glad to see one of his best friends come home. The boy huffed as he was finally facing Savaris once again. Next to the boy was another friend of Savaris's. She was the girl that Savaris always had a crush on. Even she was relieved when she finally saw his face yet again. She didn't care and ignored the blood that had covered Savaris, she knew that defeating that beast was not going to be easy. The girl leaped onto Savaris hugging him as hard as she could with tears going down through her face. "finally....your finally back....Savvy-chan~" She was smiling and her heart felt like it was finally at peace. She kept crying on Savaris's shoulders hugging him to make herself feel warm. "Okairi~ Sav-vy~" Savaris's friend liked to speak a little japanese every now and then. It use to be a hobby that all three of them used to do together. Oh how it bring back memories for Savaris. Still however....memories was not enough to bring Savaris back to his normal senses. Savaris lifted up his hand and pointed it at his friends face. He slowly whispered the words to himself "Brevi" At the tips of his hands an enormous explosion ad occurred. This was thanks to Savaris's fume magic. After making certain parts of fumes in his body he was capable of making an explosion exactly the same as Azuma's. The girl had let go of Savaris in fear and the boys father was screaming like hell. BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO MY SON?" The mans eyes had red lines in them demanding for answers. Savaris did nothing but stood there. He had let Brevi's aftermath take care of the old man. The old man screamed in pain falling to the ground in a concussion. His last moments were of his hand trying to reach out to his nearly dying son. His last words were not made and the son died before his father even got to say goodbye. The man was old so he did nothing else but follow his son. "Sa-Savvy...chan?" The girl's eyes were frightened. She looked at Savaris while her knee's were shaking, not allowing her to move. "Nani o shite" The girl was speaking in Japanese to remind Savaris of the good old days. "Naze ka? WHY DID YOU KILL HIM? Savaris was smiling at the two mans death, giving nothing more than an evil laughter. Naze?Datte Savaris raised an arm and started making his fumes go around the entire village. A huge explosion happened right behind the girl and it destroying her house completely. Her eyes were not normal as she was starring at Savaris. Savaris took a step towards her trying to grab onto her hand. "IYA! The girl screamed in shock of Savaris. She wanted him to stay away from her but he just wouldn't do it. Savaris grabbed onto her hand and held her cheek. The girl shrieking in fear made Savaris excited. Her squeling and crying made is what made Savaris's day. Nothing could be better then hearing a women cry for her life. Savaris was holding onto her cheeks, grabbing her arms making sure she couldn't move and the only thing she could do was struggle. Savaris's mouth went in closer next to hers. He was planning to calm her down by giving her one smooth kiss. It worked, however, while making the kiss Savaris was secretly putting in some fumes onto her lips making sure for there to be an explosion after the kiss. Savaris let go of her and she was completely speechless. After she tried to even say a word Savaris's fumes were already mixed and that a little explosion happened right on her lips. It knocked her out unconscious and a little of her blood spilled on Savaris's lips as well. Akira licked his blood stained lips and was pleased with his newly obtained powers now. He started to run a mock on his own hometown and soon after everything was destroyed. The old man had come behind Savaris and was a little suspicious " Why didn't you spare your parents lives?You could see it couldn't you?" The man had thought that Savaris would of atleast spared his own parents lives for thanks to his enhanced eyesight he would of been able to see the hearts of his parents and knew that they did not want him to leave. " Oh I could see it alright, I just chose not to. The man was proud of Savaris's answer and thaught highly of him. The man gave Fenrir to Savaris letting him keep it as a pet and he advised him to go to a guild that he use to serve before. This guild was known as Grimoire Heart.
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 The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
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PostSubject: Re: Savaris    Savaris  EmptySat Dec 11, 2010 8:06 pm

Finally finished reading your novel =.=
Accepted ^^ (althought I DON't like the fact that you like hearing women scream D8)

..... EVIL!! hehe xD

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* No, thank you K-On
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