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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Keiara   Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:16 pm

Full Name: Keiara
Age: 19
Guild: Vocaguild
Pet?: None
Likes: Ice Cream, Jazz, Vodka, Kittens, Blue Roses
Dislikes: Tomatoes, Her father, The magic council, Amusement parks
Siblings: None
Type of Power: Holder Type - (Songweaver) Songweaver magic uses songs and singing as a focus for magical energy. By channeling magical power through song, the user is able to preform acts of incredible mystical potential. Songweaver magic is primarily a support based magic school, with most of its powers being defensive or granting protection or enhancements to the caster's allies. While there are a few attack spells, they are mainly low power and (aside from a few incredibly devastating techniques) not very useful against stronger opponents.

Special Features: Keiara is able to change her voice to mimic other people

Psychological description: Keiara can be summed up in one word: carefree. The young mage doesn’t see life as anything serious and as such, doesn’t take anything seriously. She does what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. She is capable of doing what she is told…it just usually takes a little coercion. She is a good listener, just don’t expect her to come up with any answers to your problems. She is usually uneasy around men at first, thanks to her rough relationship with her father. However once she gets closer to the male in question she drops her guard significantly, returning to her usual happy demeanor. Keiara is very loose with her money and possessions, not attaching much value to material belongings. This is a further rebellion against her father and the importance he placed on status and wealth. She prefers to use her money to throw parties for her friends and guildmates. Keiara values her friendships above anything else, and is willing to do anything in her power to help a friend in trouble. Keiara is fiercely loyal to those she partners with, not only on jobs but during day to day life as well. Her relationships are varied in intensity but all are equal in her mind. Keiara is usually calm and relaxed but threats against her friends can push over the edge. While this can occasionally result in her going into a berserker rage, more often than not it renders her catatonic as she breaks down over her inability to protect her friends.

Physical description:

Describe your past (your background): Keiara was grew up in Fiore in a male dominated culture with her father, mother and six older brothers. Her mother taught her the skills that a female in a house would need to know: cooking, cleaning, sewing and the like. Her father spent his time with her brothers doing the same things, but with things like hunting, shooting, farming, etc. Keiara learned her “part,” but was never happy about the prospect of settling for that kind of life when she felt she could do better things.

When she was able, Keiara would follow her brothers around trying to do whatever they were doing. When they started to learn about magic, she ask over and over if she could try. They usually told her that magic was for men and not girls. But she was persistent and they finally relented, hoping it would make her go away. For the longest time she was unable to cast anything. As time progressed she discovered that she could manipulate sound, a discovery that brought her deep into the world of magic. Her powers grew quickly as she displayed a natural aptitude for magic. A neighbor then told her father that one of his children had a real talent for magic. Her dad asked which of the boys it was and was shocked to find out that it was Keiara.

After her mother passed on, her father decided that it would be good for Keiara to go live with her Aunt and Uncle in Mangolia in hopes she could find a suitable husband and settle down, which she hated. On her way there, she discovered she had some marketable skills that would give her the autonomy she wanted. She never arrived at her Aunt and Uncle’s house, instead she wrote them to tell them she had found a job instead. She ended up joining Sacred Ember and taking jobs as she continued to hone her magical skills.
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Azusa Kurosaki
The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
 The Neko Admin and awesome Fairy Tail mage!
Azusa Kurosaki

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PostSubject: Re: Keiara   Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:25 pm

Re Hey Keiara chan ^^ I love your description! you can start RPing (is that even a real word?) with us! We started an RP named "mission to destroy dark guild apocalyptica" you could join in in reinforcement if you want.

Enjoy your stay =)
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