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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: khence   khence EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 10:00 am

Full Name: khence cyfer
Surname: cyfer
Age: 19
Guild: none
Location of the guild mark: none
Pet: brown hawk he befriended while on the run
Likes: eating ice cream and sodas // people who likes to smile a lot
Dislikes: toads // spicy food
Siblings: unknown
Type of Power: unusual creation magic, Khence can create illusions and copy whatever his opponent throws at him
Special Features: Book of Fate - a book where Khence stores the information from the opponents he had beaten, he can summon a wraith or shade that will perform the chosen magic and fight alongside him.

Psychological description: Khence is more on a solitary person. Not really good at socializing, he often tends to be just at the backside. Not knowing who his parents are, he sometimes feels like the world has abandoned him. He loves people who smiles often. He can be really grumpy at times especially when you wake him up in the middle of a nap.

Physical description: He stands 5 feet 4 and half inches. Though small by others standards he packs the brain of a genius and can easily outwit any person who crosses him. He has blue eyes and a straight nose which rises over his thin lips. He is skinny and a bit sun burnt due to long hours spent on the ranch. Later he was told that when they found him, he was white as cream (maybe he's just hungry).

[img]khence Emo12[/img]

Describe your past (your background): They found him under the bridge, soaking wet and shivering. One elderly lady took pity on him and offered him shelter and food in a nearby ranch. The boy was too weak and hungry to decline so he agreed and followed the kind woman. He was given food and new clothes. When he was asked where he came from, he said he cannot remember anything but his name - Khence.

He was treated as a normal kid until the kind woman died. Her predecessor had been rude and made it a point that he (Khence) is no longer welcomed in their house. When he protested saying he has nowhere to go, the new owner pulled out a gun, aimed it at him then fired. He was wide-eyed with fear. He closed them expecting to feel the bullet anytime but he did not feel it. He opened his eyes and saw a book hovering in front of him. He touched it and a shadow rose almost covering him. He tried to see what the shadow is but he doesn’t really know anything about them. He was later told that it was a wraith, with the way he described it. The wraith is actually holding what looked like a gun and fired it aiming at the owner. Khence ran away after that. Trying to enhance and know more about his abilities as he ventures to different places.
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