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 Aiden's Story

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Aiden Blaze
useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Aiden's Story   Aiden's Story EmptyTue Jun 19, 2012 11:28 pm

Full Name: Aiden Blaze
Surname: N/A
Age: 15
Guild: Fairy Tail
Location of the guild mark: Left side of the chest over the heart
Pet: N/A
Likes: eating, sleeping, fighting, becoming stronger
Dislikes: killing, being underestimated or looked down on by others
Siblings: Parent(deceased) , Older Brother
Type of Power: Elemental fire, this magic allows its user to control anything involving heat, and it makes you innune to fire attacks
Special Features: Blood red hair and eyes

Psychological description: Aiden is the type of guy who travels aimlessly. He is a laid back free spirited person without any cares in the world. Aiden is very loyal and will always help a friend in need. He is a pretty stable guy when it comes to being either sane or insane. Aiden does sometimes act imature, but will always get serious when it counts. His true goal in life is to kill the dragon that murdered his parents, so he has a bit of a vendetta side to him, but he's a good guy all the same.

Physical description : Aiden has fair skin that is a little tanned. He has blood red hair and eyes that causes people to jougde him by his cover, he is 5ft7 and about 155lbs, he has somewhat of a muscletone to him but not super buff, he never wears a shirt but does have a short sleeve red and black jacket, he has a pair of black gloves that have finger holes and the Fairy Tail symbol on them in red, he has a red sash type of belt, and black pants, along with black shoes

Describe your past (your background): When he was young Aiden's entire town including his family were killed by a dragon. Aiden was saved by his mentor, the man who unlocked his elemental power of flames. Aiden was often thought of as a demon by local town people because of his hair and eyes. He got into many fights that seeme impossible, but never once backed down. He traveles alot going from town to town , kingdom to kingdom. He eventually stopped in mongolia for a while thats when he heard of fairy tail and there incredible fire mage salamander. He began training to become the strongest fire mage he could be, so one day he would be able to join fairy tail. That day came sooner than he expected when he protected a member of fairy tail who had been badly wounded. He joined the guild and vowed to become the strongest wizard of fairy tail ever.
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Aiden's Story
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