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PostSubject: Wiisp   Wiisp EmptyMon May 28, 2012 2:59 am

Full Name: Wiisp Vineheart
Surname: Vineheart
Age: 15
Guild: none
Location of the guild mark: n/a
Pet: none (maybe the occasional animal will tag along)
Likes: Animals, running, climbing, friendly battles
Dislikes: Rude people, unfriendly battles
Siblings: None
Type of Power (ex: Transformation Magic, Celestial mage, dragon slayer, Armor etc) plus full description: Nature Mage. Wiisp can use nature to aid her in battle. She can also take the form of either a leopard, bear, panther/tiger thing, dugong or a hawk.
Special Features: None. She's quite hard to pick out ( except when she's surrounded by animals)

Psychological description: (At least 5 lines) Happy, potentially nuts, playful, loyal, kind

Physical description (plus a picture would be appreciated): (At least 5 lines) Tall, thin, short blonde hair, weird markings on right arm, normal-looking

Describe your past (your background): (At least 5 lines) Wiisp's parents dissappeard when she was five. The has learnt to look after herself and has grown to be kind and loyal.

Other information: Wiisp is crazy. She's also quite strong.

Wiisp Search?tbm=isch&source=mog&hl=en&gl=au&client=safari&tab=wi&q=Druid&sa=N&biw=320&bih=356#i=50
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