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 Kahlinne Jane Mystiouxe (Kahli)

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PostSubject: Kahlinne Jane Mystiouxe (Kahli)   Kahlinne Jane Mystiouxe (Kahli) EmptyFri May 18, 2012 6:44 am

Full Name: Kahlinne Jane (Everyone calls her Kahli)
Surname: Mystiouxe
Age: 15
Guild: Currently has none.
Location of the guild mark: When she joins a guild it will be on the back of her right shoulder
Pet: None
Likes: Being outdoors, playing piano and going on jobs with her friends.
Dislikes: people who think their better then everyone else, green cats and injuring someone or something that can't fight back.
Siblings: None
Type of Power (ex: Transformation Magic, Celestial mage, dragon slayer, Armor etc) plus full description: Arc of Embodiment
Special Features: She has oddly good night vision for a human and pretty good hearing. She's also good at reading the mood.

Psychological description: (At least 5 lines)

Kahli is mostly a loner and can be very shy at times. However at other times she can be out going and hyper. She is very protective of those few friends she makes and is fairy through thinking. She prefers to go into a fight with some brief idea of a plan or what she's up against. Kahli is competitive and independent she doesn't like focusing on herself and prefers to focus on those around her. She is great at listening to others and fairly good at giving advice. Kahli can joke around quite a lot and often puts on a happy appearance even if she really is sad. One thing Kahli can not stand is being bored. She always needs something to do whether it be going on a job or reading a book so long as it's something. Kahli is a little ambitious but she doesn't go out of her way to be the best and is very proud. Kahli is a pretty good liar and can be very convincing mostly because we you come to trust her you don't think she can lie, she often just to happy and helpful. Kahli mainly lies when there is something she doesn't want others to know about her. She is self conscious and doubtful about her own abilities. She can sometimes appear a little insane when she goes blabbing out random things but that often means she either really happy, extremely bored or just looking for something to talk about.

Physical description (plus a picture would be appreciated): (At least 5 lines)

Kahli is fairly tall for her age but not so tall she towers above everyone. She has long shoulder length dark purple straight hair and dark navy blue coloured eyes. Kahli has fairly tan skin. She usually wears a black singlet shirt with black pants and black combat boots. Kahli also wears a lon hooded cloak. Kahli's eyes often turn a dark green when she is angry and a blue when she's thinking about something important. Often Kahli wears her hair up in a pony tail but sometimes you will see her wearing it out. She always wears a rusty golden chain with a gold cross that has small diamonds in it. Kahli always carries a large parcel on her back. (In the parcel though she doesn't even know it- Is a large Rowan wood staff with a large circle on the end. The middle of the circle is cut out. Across the cut out centre is string webbed around the gap. Two small gold bells dangle from the end of the staff. A dark coloured ribbon is ties loosely at the top of the staff just below the circle.)

Describe your past (your background): (At least 5 lines)

Kahli was born in a remote part of the country where using magic was oddly rare and where no wizards were ever to welcome. Very few people knew of the town and Kahli has never given it's name. One day during a fete in the town square the town was attacked by a guild of dark wizards so they may hold their base there. Kahli's town fought back as best as they could and the few remaining wizards that had kept their powers hidden came forth to help fight as well. The fight lasted no more then half an hour. By fifteen minutes they were down to the last two wizards and five normal people. Many of the kids had being evacuated but Kahli had stayed back not wanting to leave her older brother to fight alone. As the remaining people fought Kahli's older brother shoved a parcel at her and told her to open it only in a time of great need and to protect it with her life. He made Kahli swear to it and she did. The moment the conversation was finished her brother was shot down by a ball of fire. Kahli left to town in hopes to find someone who could rid her home town of the dark wizards. When she came across a guild she tried to get their help but they turned it away. Ever since then Kahli's being on her own. She spends most of her time camping out some where is the forest. She discovered her power one night when she needed fire as there were wolves around.

Kahlinne Jane Mystiouxe (Kahli) Untitl11

Sorry it's the best picture I have at the moment C:
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Kahlinne Jane Mystiouxe (Kahli)
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