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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Cassius   Cassius EmptyMon Feb 13, 2012 6:21 pm

Cassius Cassiusfairytail

-Full Name: Cassius St. Clare
-Age: 21

-Guild: Fairy Tail
-Guild Mark: Right Pectoral [Dark Purple]
-Pet: N/A Currently
-Likes: Meat, Tattoos, Combat
-Dislikes: Silence, Losing

-Siblings: N/A

-Power Type: ~Shadow Manipulation~

::Basic Structure::
With the aid of a relatively small amount of Magical Power, Cassius can manipulate shadows themselves and manifest imagined physical forms using the shadow as the creations structure. This allows for a wide variety of objects and creatures to be created, however dependant on what type of form is manifested will directly affect the amount of magical power is going to be consumed. As per any Magic user, the longer the usage, the more costly it becomes for the caster. A few examples of structure will be listed below...

::Dark Fang::
A midnight black wolf, created from the mind's eye and manifested in physical form, this particular creation is imbued with its own source of magical power taken directly from Cassius himself so that the wolf can maintain its physical form for a longer period of time, each Dark Fang cast will consume approximately one quarter of Cassius' magical essence. The duration of each Dark Fang's existence is usually between 25 - 30 minutes, though by sacrificing another quarter of his power Cassius can extend the creature's life span by the same amount of time. This cast is also sometimes used for Cassius to travel upon.

::Midnight Buster::
A simple black katana crafted from the shadows, although a seemingly simple creation the katana is imbued with high density magical power to increase both it's sharpness and striking power. Costing a total of one eighth of Cassius' magical power to create a further eighth can be imbued to double the sharpness and striking power. Every 30 minutes another eighth will be consumed until the creation can be held no longer or is dispelled by the caster.

::Breaking Point::
A whole body shield that wraps itself skin tight to the caster blacking them out almost completely, leaving nothing but the eyes on show. At a cost of one quarter of Cassius' magical power this creation is highly effective at negating basic physical attacks and decreasing the damage taken from magical attacks. The downside to such a technique is that with it only lasting 15 minutes it can also only be cast once as it takes a rather draining amount of mental concentration to maintain.

::Chasing Damnation::
One of the first techniques Cassius acquired, using a very small amount of magical power, be it no more than five percent of his whole, he can create a tentacle out of shadow that will pursue his chosen victim. The upside to this spell is that at the same cost as the initial cast, more tentacles can be created to aid the first. Although weak to direct magical damage and slicing attacks, when eight or more tentacles are directing themselves very quickly towards an enemy all at once, it takes a decent amount of focus to defend against every assault all at one time.

-Psychological: Cassius is a hard type, sporting a cocky nature and a rather dry, somewhat coy sense of humour, he's a caring sort at heart but prefers a cold, callous appearance, it allows him to become close to people slowly and gauge whether or not a friendship with said person can truly be established. A very select few know that Cassius is not only extremely dedicated to his given tasks but also that he would sacrifice near anything to defend his fellow Guild members. Of course, with very few privy to this information, team ups with other members in the past have always been somewhat of a difficulty for him.

-Physical: Well trained and versed in daily exercises, Cassius is a strong believer when it comes to maintaining the physical aspect of your being as well as the magical. You may be the strongest magic user in the world, but if you can't take a hit, you're as good as finished before you've had time to begin. In regards to physical appearance, Cassius takes care of himself, his hair is styled daily and he prizes it as one of his key features while his dress sense is just a tad dark to suit his personality and interestingly enough, his magical affinity.

-History: Now, where would be best to start... Of course, the beginning, through to the end, then stop.

The upbringing of any child is never easy, of course once the infant years roll by it becomes perhaps, a tad simpler. Fortunately Cassius had been such a case; not demanding of materialistic possession nor did he much care for constant praise or admiration from his peers or parents. No, the young man actually grew more and more interested in learning and practising his combat capabilities. Even from such a young, fragile age did the boy exert himself physically, constantly besting himself so that one day, he may be better than those he admires.

Cassius’ father was such a man to be idolized; he was strong, intuitive, multi-talented and quite capable of near anything he set his mind to. A fitting persona indeed; especially for a child to model themselves after.

The honest truth is, there lies not a hidden story beneath this dreary tale, Cassius for the most part was an exceptional child, he studied hard and played that much harder. With his passing of age his father hired a private tutor to teach him basic magical skills, Cassius was quick to adapt and showed a natural talent for the manipulation of his essence.

It soon became apparent to Cassius’ tutor that whenever they practiced the shadows within the room would eagerly sneak towards the boy, sometimes acting in correspondence to his emotions during the day. Although it appeared to be quite a dark power the tutor continued his lessons none-the-less.

Cassius took on an immediate understanding of his power when his tutor explained the shadows liking to him in full. From that point onwards Cassius continued to hone his skills, long after his tutor moved on to another student.

Discovering the amount of adventure available at your disposal when you have magic at your side, Cassius finally decided he would set out to join a guild and so with his father’s blessing the young man made way to the most [in]famous Guild in (what he thought was) the whole world, Fairy Tail.

Other information: N/A Currently.
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