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 Hikari Ryuu's Light Magic

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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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Hikari Ryuu's Light Magic Empty
PostSubject: Hikari Ryuu's Light Magic   Hikari Ryuu's Light Magic EmptyTue Feb 07, 2012 7:46 pm

Name of your magic: Light Shield
Range (close, long range etc):close
Type: Light magic
Rank (D,C.B.A,S - D is the weakest):B-A
Description: The user generates a wall or sphere him/her self and allies by gathering stray particles of light. The shield can stop all D and C level attacks and most B level attacks. About 3-5 B level attacks will brace the shield. Most A level attacks can brace it in 2-3 tries. S level attacks will brace it on the first try but no damage will get throw.

Name of your magic: Dragon Flare
Range (close, long range etc): Primarily long range, can be used at close or mid range with appropriate decrease in power.
Type:Light magic, Dragon Slayer
Rank (D,C.B.A,S - D is the weakest):Long rang; S(Boss Killer) Mid; B Close; D
Description: The user generates a sphere of light energy in between their hands by gathering stray particles of light. Then with palms of the hand or hands facing the target, the user releases the energy as a beam of light. When the point a destination gets enough energy there will be an explosion based on the power put in to the attack. With true dragon, this attack can wipe out a entire city in one shot.
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Hikari Ryuu's Light Magic
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