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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: Hikari   Hikari EmptyTue Feb 07, 2012 6:38 pm

Given Name: Hikari
Surname: Ryuu
Age: 17
Guild: Fairy Tail
Location of the guild mark: Left Shoulder (light blue/white)
Pet: none
Likes: Fairy Tail members, trashy romance novels (includes smut), working at the bar with Mirajane, and dancing.
Dislikes: Dark Guilds, bandits, Loke (when he hits on her), spiders, and mushrooms.
Siblings: none
Type of Power: Light and fire dragon slayer, re-equip magic (just one armor, sword, and chakram.) The two light dragon slayer spell Hikari knows uses a lot of magic. They are Light Shield for defense and for offensive is Dragon Flare, which is similar to Dragon's Roar; and is far to devastating to be used in normal combat. For fire dragon slayer she knows are Fire Dragon's Roar (she calls it dragon fire), Fire Dragon's Claw, and Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. Dragon's claw and iron fist are used together in hand to hand combat. The armor and weapons she uses for re-equip magic is just normal armor with a higher the average durability, except for the chakram which has an uncanny ability to return to her when thrown. The armor and weapons are easy to repair too.

Special Features: Hikari is not the strongest Dragon Slayer on the plaint, but she is one of the fastest and most agile ones out there. She can't eat her primary element light; but she can eat her secondary element fire but dose not get the full boost of the effect. Her fire is not as strong as Natsu's but it is hotter and appear blue. Hikari's strength and debility is some were between Lucy and Ezra(with out her armor). Hikari does not gone on many mission; but the few she has been on she has completed, even if it takes several months to complete.

Psychological description: Hikari is a laid back and caring individual, she also has a tomboyish attitude most of the time. The exception is when Mirajane or Ezra is around, she'll bring out her more girly side (or comes across some thing cute). She is also not afraid to drop a curse word now and again. Hikari is easy to get along with, unless your like Loke and hit on her a lot. Hikari is the type of girl who likes to do the chasing not the one being chased. She'll spar with any one in the guild, even if she knows she'll lose, and try to lean from her mistakes. Do to events in her past she considers her self bi and will not say any thing else on the mater.

Physical description: Hikari has long and straight hair that goes down bellow to the small of her back and ranges in color from light blue to royal blue. Her eyes are a very bright yet deep cerulean that at times want to look in to your soul. She stands at 5'4"(About as tall as Mirajane and Lucy, if not a little taller.) with a lilith figure that will some time(not most) give Mirajane a run for her money. Hikari also wears a choker with an amazon emblem on it at all time.

{Hikari is on the left, her armor in the center, and her father on the right.}

Describe your past: Hikari was born on July 28, X760. At age 4 her parents are killed by bandits and she is taken to be sold as a slave. On the way to the slave market the bandit caravan crosses in to Bahamut's territory. Bahamut was not pleased and wipes out the caravan. When Bahamut is about to leave he hears Hikari crying, and noticed that three young women died protecting her. He then asks her what her name is and if she has any home to return to. When Hikari replies that she dose not know her name and that she had no home to return to, Bahamut takes her in and gives her the name Hikari Ryuu; Dragon of Light. Hikari spends the next 10 years with Bahamut and starts to learn the arts of Light Dragon Slayer and Fire Dragon Slayer; spending more time on the Light Dragon Slayer because the magic is harder to learn. Some time in X774 Bahamut seals Hikari in a temporal seal and leaves, but before he seals her he says, "Be strong Hikari. For you are not my daughter by blood, but you are my daughter by spirit. When you awaken find and join the guild of fairies." On March 4, X781 Makarov finds Hikari still in the temporal seal and brakes it. When Hikari emerges from the seal she looks like she was in there for only a day. After helping her regain consciousness, Makarov asks Hikari what she knows. After hearing her story asks her to go back with him and join Fairy Tail. After Hikari joins Fairy Tail she befriends Natsu, Ezra, and Mirajane and they accept her as a surrogate sister. In X782 Hikari goes on a mission that has here run into an amazon princes by the name of Gabrielle. The princes gives Hikari a test of nobility that she passes and is presented with a chest. In that chest it has a set of armor, a sword, and a chakram. While Hikari is looking at the armor the princes puts a choker with an amazon emblem on her and says "Wear that choker and armor with pride for you are now an amazon princes." When she turns around she finds no one is there and decides to reteurn home with the armor and weapons. After returning to Fairy Tail she tells Makarov what had happened. Makarov informs her that very mission has been on the mission board for as long as he has been a member of Fairy Tail, and no one was able to remove it. After talking with Makarov, Hikari start to pester Ezra to teach her re-equip magic. Ezra inventively caves in and teaches Hikari not just how to use re-equip magic but to also use her new weapons. Daring the training with Ezra, Hikari stars to help Mirajane with the bar in the gild.

Other information:
Light Shield and Dragon Flare will not be used in combat until they are approved by the admin. They may be use as comic relief tho if that is fine with the admin.
Any other history entries will be set after the start of the anime.
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