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useless failed noob mage
useless failed noob mage

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PostSubject: hanaai   hanaai EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 2:06 am

Full Name: Hanaai

Surname: Unknown

Age: Appears to be 10 at the most but is about 14

Guild: Fairy tail soon hopefully

Location of the guild mark: once I figure out which guild... on her left shoulder/back

Pet: nope, but she always carries a stuffed bunny which she will talk to sometimes if she gets lonely. She hopes for a real talking bunny at some point.

Likes: She like's almost everything there is but she especially likes mountain dew and dill pickle chips

Dislikes: Bumpy or uneven surfaces. They make her skin crawl, and she has to smooth it out or she can't focus on anything. Unfortunately her skin is hypersensitive and gets rashes easily so she often times has mini panic attacks. Also, she is terrified of spiders, and goes by the philosophy that nothing non-demonic should have that many legs and eyes and move that smoothly.

Siblings: none known yet

Type of Power (ex: Transformation Magic, Celestial mage, dragon slayer, Armor etc) plus full description: okay I'm not positive I can do this but bear with me, I have a few different ideas if I can't.
It's basically dragon slayer magic. The catch is, she wasn't raised by a true dragon. But she didn't have one of those dragon things put into her so she can use dragon slayer magic either. Basically, she taught it to herself. Hanaai had a gift when she was little, and it was to pick up on anyone she came in contact withs' thoughts and memories and morph them into her own. She did this without even knowing what was going on, however, so she didn't realize it wasn't normal. That's the only way she could keep the power, though, because as soon as she realized what she was doing, she couldn't do it anymore. This was because now she started thinking about it instead of just doing it, so she did it wrong every time. Anyway, in the time span when she could do it she had come in contact with various dragon slayers. Slowly her subconscious created a dragon in her mind. She didn't realize it was her mind, and still hasn't. This "dragon" taught her how to use empathic magic (it could teach her magic because she picked up on how the dragons taught the other young dragon slayers magic) and taught her how to feed off of others extreme emotions to get energy. (you know, like how Natsu eats flames and Gajeel eats steel?) So basically, she can manipulate opponents emotions and energies to suite her needs except with the power of a true dragon slayer. To eat, she has to manually raise the persons emotion levels by saying things to get their emotions extreme, then she can feed off of the energy radiating off of them. Sort of like how Natsu can't eat his flames. This puts her at an extreme disadvantage because she needs to be close to her opponent without altering their energy with her power.
Also, if she is upset, she can send her negative energy to the surrounding air and earth, or another person if she so desires. The trade off is, she looses a part of her. This is why she looks so much younger than she is. She doesn't have the stress that often ages people, and she hasn't grown as much as she should have because of the trade off.

Special Features: none?

Psychological description: Because of her power when she was young, Hanaai will often seem confused when it comes to her past. She will often forget the true things, and remember the false things (aka the stuff she picked up on). Because of her current power, she is never upset. She is however shy, because she grew up an outcast because the people she associated with thought she was freak or had psychological issues. She is always true to her word, despite how often others think she lies. She is considered perfect by a couple, and a freak to most. Which, she is a freak, and tries to make up for it.

Physical description (plus a picture would be appreciated): (At least 5 lines) Hanaai Is younger looking than she actually is because of her power (see above). Despite being somewhere around 14 or 15, she looks maybe in the 8-10 age area. Because of this, her opponents have a tenancy to underestimate her (though she's not super powerful or anything). This advantage is aided by an innocent face with big blue eyes, light long blonde hair with a baby blue bow in it, and a matching blue ruffly dress with a stuffed bunny in hand or tucked in the waistband. Most would find her adorable at first sight, but creepy once they know why. With a low self esteem, she only sees the doll-ish eyes that scares people.

Describe your past (your background): (At least 5 lines) Hanaai was raised in an orphanage near Magnolia after both her parents died in a battle protecting her. She was found in a basket, hidden for safety, by an orphanage employee and brought in immediately. Right away, she was deemed different, just by the wiseness in her eyes, which she obtained by picking up experience from people. She was raised there for a few years before she decided to set out on her own journey. Though she was not a day over 5, she managed to sustain herself long enough to obtain knowledge from those she ran into. She tended to run into people that no one expected though, like young dragon slayers, whole secret guilds, even a mage saint once. As a way to cope with the hardships though, her brain began to break down, and created Visanimi, the dragon of emotion. (not a real dragon, just one she thought existed but only ever actually existed in her head.) This dragon dissapeared with all the other dragons to though, because she came across dragon slayers who had lost their dragons. She is still unaware that Visanimi never actually existed. She has traveled back to Magnolia in search of the guild fairy tail.
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